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Terms of use

Dear visitor, welcome to Mitsubishi Fan Forum. If this is your first visit here, please read the Help. It explains in detail how this page works. To use all features of this page, you should consider registering. Please use the registration form, to register here or read more information about the registration process. If you are already registered, please login here.

  1. Rules for the use of Mitsubishi Fan Forum

    Hi nice to see you in our forum.

    The Mitsubishi Fan Forum provides the opportunity to exchange with other Mitsubishi fans. You will find ideas, experiences and help related to your Mitsubishi (car/vehicle?). Even further: The Mitsubishi Fan Forum (MFF) provides entertainment and off topic discussions.
    To behave with respect towards others not only goes without saying, it is our foremost goal. We welcome controversial and lively discussions, but try to remain calm and objective. We have had high standards in the past and we will keep this standards in the future. Please help us by adhere to the following few simple rules.

    1. General

    Keep it simple. Try to stick to German grammar and orthography. It might be easier to keep it casual, but remember that whatever you post will stay in the forum for a long time. One goal of the forum is to build up a knowledge base and people will search the forum and read your questions and answers. It is much more convenient for them if you express yourself in a clear and simple way.
    This is also a pro tip for you: Before asking a question, search the forum. Because the forum exists for many years now and it is very likely that your questions has already been asked; and answered. If a thread for a topic already exists, try to ask your question there, pick up the discussion where it ended.
    You are responsible for the content you post. Do not post unlawful content, especially not offensive, discriminatory or violence glorifying content.

    2. Pictures

    If you include pictures, please add them as attachment. This way the pictures will remain in the forum. If you just link to pictures from other websites, the links may stop working. If you have to link to external sources, please try to consider that a large image size will make the forum much slower for those that have slow internet connections or browsing the forum on a mobile device. Try to choose a small image. If you need a large image, just post the link to the image.
    Always make sure, that you own the intellectual property on any image you post to the forum or write a short note from where the picture originates. Be creative when creating your signature, include important information, crate a nice banner, or a funny slogan. But please try not to make to signature too prominent. As a rule of thumb: your signature should be smaller then your post. Image size and the signature length can not be larger then a defined maximum size.

    3. Private messages and emails from the forum administration

    The forum administration informs all forum members in irregular intervals about important improvements, changes and activities of the Mitsubishi Fan Forum. These information messages will be send to you via the private message system or email by the intern distribution system of the forum. Email addresses will not be used outside the forum system for information message sending.
    The forum administration tries to aggregate information subjects to send as few information messages as possible. There can be still up to 8 information messages in one calendar year. Information messages may contain sales promotion for forum related products or appeals to contribute in activities or competitions. If you are not interested in these messages, you are free to delete them without any comment or response.
    The Mitsubishi Fan Forum won't be mad at you for deleting any messages, but will be happy about any participation.

    4. Questions regarding the use of the forum

    Not everybody is an experienced forum user. If you end up with questions regarding how things work in the MFF or where you can find something, don't hesitate to ask a moderator using the private message function. We are here to help.
    It can happen, that a moderator contacts you. This is not to control or supervise you but to help you using the forum more effective.
    The moderators have lots of experience and we recommend to follow there advice. If you ever have a problem with a moderator that you can not resolve yourself, please contact the user called "Murmel". He will try to mediate between you and the moderator.

    5. Terms of service

    By posting content to the forum you grant an irrevocable usage permission to the operators of the MFF for the provided content. This permission includes storing, delivering and distributing the content inside the forum. You also agree to other necessary means i.e. permission to backup the content to other servers. The copyright of your content remains with you.

    6. House rules

    We reserve the right to revoke existing functions and permissions, including selling through our forum. In extreme cases we might even consider deleting your account. Obviously you are not allowed to insult other users, also refrain from offensive, discriminatory behaviour. We will not tolerate such misbehaviour.

    If you stick to this rules you will find a lot of know-how, fun, discussions and help. Our Forum is from fans to fans. Have fun!

    Have fun!

    Last change: 2014-11-16

    Translated from german to english language by our users Benno and Seti.

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