Neuer ASX 2023 auf Basis des Renault Capture ?

Januar 2022 - Pajero Sakura Gewinnspiel - alles weitere im Gewinnspiel - Thread.
  • Sehen wir hier den neuen ASX, der ja baugleich mit dem neuen Renault Capture werden soll ?

    Abgeleitet vom nächsten Capture, dessen Aussehen kürzlich veröffentlicht wurde, haben australische und asiatische Automagazine diesen Entwurf

    Next Mitsubishi ASX Might Be Smaller, Unofficially Puts Outlander DNA Inside a Captur

    Mitsubishi has been falling out of favor with consumers lately because of its rather old-fashioned model roster. But it’s not going down without a fight, hence the odd Eclipse Cross or cool all-new Outlander compact SUV.

    Another model that’s been growing long in the tooth lately is the slightly smaller Outlander Sport. Also known as the third-generation RVR (Japan, South Korea, or Canada), this rather large subcompact crossover SUV also dwells across many more regions with the ASX nameplate on its back.

    According to the rumor mill, we should expect Mitsubishi to firmly put it into its rightful B-segment (subcompact) place by slightly undercutting its current dimensions. And, while the Japanese automaker hasn’t released much information about the upcoming new iteration of the little crossover, that hasn’t stopped intrepid publications and virtual artists from having a go at it, unofficially.
    Expected to arrive across its various markets no sooner than 2023, according to the good folks over at Kolesa, the ASX/RVR/Outlander Sport might utilize some of the assets that already exist within the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance. More precisely, the crossover is allegedly going to piggyback on Renault’s current Captur. This is only logical since the latter is a best-seller in Europe.
    Naturally, they’re not going to just swap the badges and stop for the day. Instead, Mitsubishi will probably make use of its newly introduced styling mantra. Interestingly, it seems that pixel masters can’t agree which of the current Mitsubishi models will lend their helping hand. As such, we have two slightly different-flavored depictions.
    One is based on the evolved styling DNA of the all-new Outlander, while the second one (from kdesignag
    ) embedded below took many cues from the quirky Eclipse Cross. On the other hand, both agree that Mitsubishi is also going to borrow Renault’s E-Tech hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology to make sure it’s more attractive and sustainable at the same time.…captur-176125.html#agal_4


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