2G Eclipse with RX-8 alloys

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  • Hi, all !

    Again.. I can write only english.

    The question is:

    My Eclipse has got Mazda RX-8 alloy wheels.

    8" x 18" , this is the RX-8 OEM wheels.

    I s it possible to pass the "car-exam" with these alloys ? ( what is the name in Austria.. TÜV exam..? DEKRA ..? ADAC ? ) ( what I have to do every 2 years )

    Thanks for the answers !


  • Hi Cosmic 🤗

    I think we only have a few users here who come from Austria and speak English. I think of an English-speaking European WhatsApp group. There are a few Austrians there who might be able to help you - just write me if you are interested. LG Bea

  • Hi, LGBea!

    Thanks for the answer!

    Yes, I'm interested in a group who can speak -write in english.

    I have some other questions about "how car- things goin' in Austria" .

    So if you can help me to join there, I 'll thank you.


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