Mitsu Eclipse GS to GST

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  • Sziasztok!

    I can speak and write only english, sorry about this.

    So my questions are:

    I had an originally 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse-D30, with a Non-Turbo 4G63 engine, with 147 HP.

    front wheel drive of course.

    but, from the last year, I had changed the engine to a 4G63 GST ( turbo) .

    Everything is made by a well qualifield mechanic, and a lot of things by myself.

    Everythings works well, safe, and almost all the parts in the engine bay are new.

    My real question is:

    I live in Hungary, but I wanted to move to Austria, so I want to use my car here.

    But my car's paper is about the original , stock condition, 147 HP. because originally it was a non-turbo model.

    Is it possible somehow, in Austria, to make it legal ?
    In Hungary, I can make it legal, because in the car's paper - engine code section will be just 4G63. not the full engine code.

    ( its the same type of motor, just with a turbo. And yes, this eclipse has got a factory made 4G63 Turbo motor)

    So.. I'm a little bit afraid of the car exam ( DEKRA, or ADAC ?? ) , that they just kick-off my car, because its not with the original engine. : (

    Please, if somebody - anybody knows something about it, how it works this in Austria, write to me.

    Here, or with private message.

    Thanks for all! and sorry about my english.